Build 2.1.005 060624 - Compatible for v31.x.x
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06/06/2024 Build 2.1.005 060624
  • Autotracking dungeons will sometimes mismark completion of Hera based off a rom error with the Hera small key, and should be fixed "soon"
  • Autotracking dungeons chest counts may not be accurate after a hard reset of the console/emulator. We are working for a better fix for this issue.
  • Buying the wooden arrow in Retro mode, but not having the Bow, will mark the Bow when autotracking is active
  • A couple of issues have been discovered in dungeon checks with big key shuffles only. Coming in a future release, we will be reworking several of the dungeon's logic to fix this. Expect it around the same time as v32.
  • GT Boss Shuffle checks have not been properly implemented into certain checks. Because of how GT logic was originally written, apart from the boss shuffle check, they are not directly compatible. Will need to re-write and merge all of the mode options for GT checks.
  • Inverted Turtle Rock may show possible in several situations where items should be available. TR in inverted is a logical hurdle in conjunction with other mode options and will be fully re-written at some point.
  • Misery Mire does not accurately account for a dungeon item on the boss in boss shuffle mode, when the boss is unkillable, which may show an item as unobtainable instead of possible.
  • The recently added entrance dungeon availability tracking isn't working properly in TR in certain scenarios, and may not work properly in other more complex dungeons. It will be rewritten at a later date.
  • We are aware that scaling the tracker in your browser can cause unexpected results. This will be eventually addressed, but it may require some style rewriting so it may take some time.
  • We have identified a few instances where the tracker will not accurately display a confirmed item with the Ambrosia flag active in certain dungeons (ie: EP or IP). It will require some reworking of the Ambrosia mode flag and likely won't be done until the anticipated v32 release.
  • Import Flags on Customizer flagsets does not always import all of the settings (We have no solution to this currently, it is a ALTTPR driven dataset)

  • Items Still To Be Added
  • Overworld Shuffle: Improving logic for the map tracker
  • Adding vertical map compatibility with sphere tracking
  • Will look for a way to recognize and change the color coding for Dark locations in entrance after the Lamp has been found. This is a bit difficult to identify with the current entrance tagging.
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