Build 2.0.033 011724 - Compatible for v31.x.x
Report any issues to Dunka (Discord: @bigdunka)
Check Known Issues for current known outstanding issues
Release 2.0
1/17/2024 Build 2.0.033 011724
11/13/2023 Build 2.0.032 111323
11/2/2023 Build 2.0.031 110223
    Logic Fixes
  • Fixed first chest of Hookshot cave in Inverted, without Hookshot, with a unique set of items
  • Fixed first two chests upstairs in GT to be available in entrance modes with proper items
  • NOTE: This introduces some rare odd logic for possible items, which we are going to flag, but will fix at a later date
9/11/2023 Build 2.0.030 091123
    Interface Changes
  • Added jump to launcher button when selecting an archived preset from the dropdown menu
  • Fixed a couple issues with sprites not loading due to naming
9/2/2023 Build 2.0.029 090223
    Interface Changes
  • Added a whole buncha new sprites from the last release
8/31/2023 Build 2.0.028 083123
    Interface Changes
  • Updated button presets for ALTTPR Ladder Season Twenty Modes (
  • Big thanks to Catobat for the following changes:
  • Tracked data can now be exported as Customizer YAML files, in this way Overworld Shuffle plandos can be easily created. Note that these cannot be imported in the tracker again, save the tracker data separately instead if you want to modify anything later.
  • Tracked data can now be saved to JSON files.
  • Buttons for setting certain edges to vanilla have been moved to a new menu accessed through the "Bulk transition actions" button, new buttons have been added, and most of these can be applied when opening the tracker as part of entering the seed settings.
  • Added support for Swapped Overworld Shuffle (not implemented in the randomizer yet).
  • Added an option to always draw edges on the overworld map even if they are unshuffled.
  • The Overworld Path Search has 2 new buttons to save a few clicks for example when starting a new path from the last target.
  • When hovering over a screen or edges in certain modes, in addition to drawing lines to connected edges, the connected screens are outlined to make them easier to see.
  • Fixed several issues with auto adjustments after changing mode settings.
  • Logic Changes
  • Fixed Arrghus boss shuffle kill conditions check
7/29/2023 Build 2.0.027 062523
    Logic Changes
  • Fixed inverted logic for Potion Shop access
  • Fixed Shopsanity logic for DDM Shop
6/25/2023 Build 2.0.026 062523
    Interface Changes
  • Updated button presets for ALTTPR Ladder Season Nineteen Modes (
  • Fixed a few more stylesheet issues with sprites not loading
  • Logic Changes
  • Updated logic for Arrghus checks to also look for Bow and either Ice Rod or Fire Rod, or Ice Rod or Fire Rod and 2 Magic extensions (Bottles or Half Magic). Yes, this is a real thing.
  • Added an issue to the Known Issues list, where the boss of Mire isn't accurately taking into account of a small key on the boss with a boss shuffle active, if the boss isn't killable. This is a bit more complex to fix, and we will look to correct this in a future release.
4/20/2023 Build 2.0.025 042023
4/9/2023 Build 2.0.024 040923
    Interface Changes
  • Added an alternate color scheme to the launcher to assist with color blind users. Thank you to PowerToMario for providing the proper color codes!
  • Fixed Hard Open preset to include non-progressive bows
  • Updated archive presets with additional modes
  • Logic Changes
  • Fixed logic issue in ToH with non-small key shuffle and available chests
  • We have identified the area where sometimes, with the Ambrosia flag active, the tracker will show 'Possible' instead of 'Available', even though the dungeon logic requires item checks to force items into certain locations (ie: IP). This has been added to the Known Issues report, but likely won't be fixed without a re-write of the Ambrosia functionality.
3/18/2023 Build 2.0.023 031823
    Interface Changes
  • Various sprite and preset fixes from the launcher
3/12/2023 Build 2.0.022 031223
    Interface Changes
  • Added a metric shit ton of sprites from the v31.1 release
3/10/2023 Build 2.0.021 031023
    Interface Changes
  • Updated button presets for ALTTPR Main Tournament Modes
  • Logic Changes
  • Fix Smithy logic in inverted with activated flute and Mitts
2/11/2023 Build 2.0.020 021123
    Interface Changes
  • Updated button presets for ALTTPR Ladder Season Seventeen Modes (
  • Logic Changes
  • Fixed Hera entrance with WDDM bottom access w/ Hookshot and Mirror
  • Fixed MCS small key logic in Hera
  • Fixed Mimic Cave check with small key shuffle, requiring 2 small keys to be able to get to
12/06/2022 Build 2.0.019 120622
    Interface Changes
  • Updated button presets for ALTTPR Ladder Season Sixteen Modes (
  • Reverted change for tracking on mobile, as we work for a better method to allow for mobile stylesheets
10/23/2022 Build 2.0.018 102322
    Interface Changes
  • Small style change to allow for tracking on mobile, just in time for SGL
10/12/2022 Build 2.0.017 101222
    Big thanks to Catobat for the following changes:
    Logic Changes
  • Logic fixes for TR portal, HC gate and Purple Chest
  • Torch dark rooms are now only considered in logic with only Fire Rod if Entrance Shuffle, Door Shuffle, Overworld Shuffle and Shopsanity are all disabled
  • Added Dam requirement for SP boss in Entrance Shuffle
  • Fixed GT reachability logic
  • Fixed GT climb logic in Retro
  • Fixed PoD chest logic in Retro
  • Fixed Back of Escape logic in Inverted in unusual scenarios
  • Interface Changes
  • Added support for Free Terrain
  • Added support for Decoupled Overworld
  • Overhauled the behavior for after changing mode settings later on (like in Mystery) and the automatic transition adjustments the tracker then offers you to do. The text and button for these adjustments are only displayed if there actually are changes that would happen. It can provide a list of what types of changes would happen, for example if any edges that are invalid in the current mode would get deleted, or if any edges will be deduced from the mode or already tracked edges. All of this can also be accessed through a new button on the full overworld map for convenience.
  • Overhauled the controls under the overworld map while a transition is selected. The names of the selected transition and all currently connected transitions are now displayed. Hovering over any "Disconnect" buttons or names of connected transitions will highlight the corresponding line(s) on the map. A button was added to allow whirlpools to loop with themselves in Whirlpool Shuffle.
  • Changed the interface for syncing the tracker with the main window and added a setting for the default sync type when the tracker window is opened
  • Fixed some issues with swapping screens in Mixed Overworld, and hovering over the controls for the Mixed state will now highlight the affected screens on the map above
  • Hovering over an arrow or whirlpool in a path that is attached to the overworld map now highlights only the corresponding connection
  • Added two new options to the Overworld Path Search for requiring not to move the mirror portal (if one is currently placed) and ignoring item requirements
  • Added buttons at the bottom of the Overworld Tracking page for setting all horizontal or all vertical edges to vanilla or deleting all edges and screen states
9/28/2022 Build 2.0.016 092822
9/4/2022 Build 2.0.015 090422
    Thanks to Catobat for the following changes:
    Logic Changes
  • Fixed boss availability in Entrance Shuffle with Door Shuffle or vanilla dungeon items
  • Fixed minor visual bug with entrance highlighting
  • Interface Changes
  • Split up Layout Shuffle and Whirlpool Shuffle into separate settings
  • In Crossed Overworld with vanilla layout, edges that only have one option no longer have to be marked and are hidden
  • Added a vertical map layout and a new menu and option for changing the map layout
  • Added an option to have 2 columns on the Overworld Tracking main page
  • Added a short overview over all available Overworld Shuffle settings
  • In mode combinations involving Mixed Overworld, edges that have been connected to screens with unknown Mixed state now have a question mark
  • Added a connector checkbox from the back of TR to the front for vanilla entrances
  • Added Throne Room for Standard and Hera Boss Room in Door Shuffle/li>
  • Added option for which symbols are shown in Basic Door Shuffle
  • Fixed visual bug with the Ganon drop in Entrance Shuffle with Mixed Overworld
7/31/2022 Build 2.0.014 073122
    Interface Changes
  • Updates and fixes for restreaming mode
7/30/2022 Build 2.0.013 073022
    Interface Changes
  • Fix for spoiler mode, where the spoiler select screen wasn't displaying properly
  • Fix for a few sprites with images not showing up properly
  • Updated button presets for ALTTPR Ladder Season Fourteen Modes (
7/15/2022 Build 2.0.012 071522
    Logic Changes
  • Fixed logical access to EDM from WDDM, Mirror, and Hammer
  • Fixed entrance chest tracking ToH showing boss as dark available instead of just available
  • Interface Changes
  • Added boss availability to each dungeon in entrance as a color coded box over the boss image
  • Changed some of the names of entrance locations as to not confuse duplicate locations in the entrance summary page
7/11/2022 Build 2.0.011 071122
    Logic Changes
  • Added chest availability logic to confirm both SP and Dam located in order to enter SP
  • Added chest availability logic to confirm Wizrobes can be killed to advance in MM
7/4/2022 Build 2.0.010 070422
    Thanks to Catobat for the following changes:
    Logic Changes
  • Fixed bug with Skull Woods boss logic
  • Fixed general bugs with multi-entrance dungeons
  • Improved Hyrule Castle logic; Reaching the back without lamp
  • Added bunny logic; Chests are red if the dungeon can only be entered as a bunny, with exceptions in Door Shuffle
  • Fixed bug with Sanctuary on Pyramid or Castle
  • Interface Changes
  • Entrance chest colors now work with all Door Shuffle modes
  • Fixed minor visual bug with Hyrule Castle in Door Shuffle modes
  • Fixed minor visual bug with Hyrule Castle Hole in Inverted Entrance
  • Disabled chest colors in Overworld Shuffle logic (not fully implemented yet)
6/30/2022 Build 2.0.009 063022
    Logic Changes
  • Numerous inverted fixes
  • Yeah, not gonna name them all, there were several
6/23/2022 Build 2.0.008 062322
    Logic Changes
  • Fixed the Sanc start chest availability in inverted entrance
  • Fixed logic issue with first chest in Hookshot Cave with dark availability
  • Fixed inverted logic issue with turning in the Smithy and Purple Chest without Moon Pearl, but getting LW access from Aga 1
  • Fixed logic issue for Fairy Ascension cave entrance with lower DDM access, Moon Pearl, and Mirror
6/19/2022 Build 2.0.007 061922
    Interface Changes
  • Added entrance chest availability tracking! Instead of having the color coding over the dungeon, like in non-entrance modes, it shows up over the chests
  • NOTE: We do know of a few bugs, like TR tracking, and those have be noted in the known issues list, and will be fixed at a later date
6/10/2022 Build 2.0.006 061022
    Interface Changes
  • Added map and compass tracking to autotracking if wild maps and/or compasses are set to true and they have not been manually set
  • Logic Changes
  • Fixed inverted Bottom EDDM checks from Paradox middle cave being available
  • Fixed inverted entrance check for Ganon's Tower entrance with crystal count check
  • Fixed inverted check for Hookshot Cave showing active without DM access
5/17/2022 Build 2.0.005 051722
    Interface Changes
  • Fixed various issues with restreamer and presets
5/15/2022 Build 2.0.004 051522
    Logic Changes
  • Fixed inverted check for back of sewers without glove but with HC small key
  • Fixed inverted check Smithy without Moon Pearl or Mirror
    Interface Changes
  • Updated up the presets for ALTTPR Ladder Season Thirteen Modes (
  • Removed the long used Grab Bag matrix. Forever will it live in our memories.
4/30/2022 Build 2.0.003 043022
    Logic Changes
  • Modified previous TR fix to not affect Door Shuffle
  • Fixed MC shuffle flag for Champions Swordless in Grab Bag
4/24/2022 Build 2.0.002 042422
    Logic Changes
  • Yet another Inverted TR logic issue resolved, with front access entry being allowed without Somaria
4/23/2022 Build 2.0.001 042322
    Interface Changes
  • Major overhaul and style changes of all non-tracker pages
  • Changed the categories and order of some of the presets to consolidate and simplify launcher
  • Added visible flags for Non-Progressive Bows and Activated Flute
  • Added an interface for all normal starting items from the launcher
  • Added the Restreaming function, which allows for a Tracker (or racer) to send current tracker status to a Restreamer (NOTE: Currently, only the item tracker status is being shared; We expect to add full map tracking in the near future)
  • Added Grab Bag preset and interface to switch between modes after the tracker is launched
  • Added an offline checker to remove items that will not work when running offline
  • Fixed a few invalid sprites which weren't loading properly
  • Added a settings menu to the Overworld and Dungeon Tracker window which includes a light theme and many other behavior and display customization options
  • Overworld Shuffle: Updated the logic for Inverted and Mixed to the current Inverted implementation in the OWR branch (only affects the logic from the Overworld Tracker window)
  • Door Shuffle: When adding a room node, more rooms are now available, and rooms are divided into multiple categories (default view can be changed in the settings menu)
  • Made the button for adding a new connector larger
  • Logic Changes
  • Fixed a bug with TR Bridge in Inverted Entrance
  • Fixed a bug with reaching Catfish in Inverted with Mirrow and LW access
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