Build 2.1.005 060624 - Compatible for v31.x.x
Report any issues to Dunka (Discord: @bigdunka)
Check Known Issues for current known outstanding issues
Release 2.1
06/06/2024 Build 2.1.005 060624
    Interface Changes
  • Updated button presets for ALTTPR Ladder Season Twenty-Four Modes (
  • Big thanks to Catobat for the following changes:
  • Fixed autotracking dungeon items being counted as non-dungeon items when dropped by a boss, on a torch or in Hera Basement Cage
  • Keys autotracking in Hera Basement Cage no longer counted twice
  • Fixed Hera boss logic in entrance sometimes saying dark rooms are required
  • Added dark room navigation support to the logic in overworld shuffle
  • Several small logic improvements to overworld and bug fixes (normal TR layout, flipped SP without Moon Pearl, dungeon logic not updating after getting items, and more)
05/18/2024 Build 2.1.004 051824
    Interface Changes
  • Fixed dungeon chest tracking issue with Mystery after changing flags
  • NOTE: If you do a hard reset of your game, chest tracking may become inaccurate. This is still a work in progress and we will look for a fix for this problem. Please report this or any other issues you may find with dungeon tracking with Mystery or any other mode.
  • Fixed Bottle tracking issue in Mystery after changing flags
  • Fixed key logic with small keys over the normal limit in some dungeons
  • Fixed logical loop overflow with recent EDDM logic change
05/13/2024 Build 2.1.003 051324
    Interface Changes
  • Added (auto)tracking support for modes with additional dungeon locations (like pots and enemy drops), dungeon logic not supported. To enable, set Doors to Crossed, and then right click a compass in the item tracker. Big thanks to Catobat for these changes!
  • Fixed compact map information window location
  • We will continue to investigate potential issues with the new changes with autotracking and the map. If you discover any issues, please do a force refresh (Ctrl + R) in your tracker browser window to ensure you have all of the latest updates.
05/11/2024 Build 2.1.002 051124
    Interface Changes
  • Misc fixes for floating divs with compact and vertical modes
  • Fixed cookie for reloading with vertical map
  • Fixed logic reallowing to uncheck Mushroom when not using autotracking
  • Added known issue for Hera tracking problem with small key. We are not going to fix this as it seems the ROM fix is coming "soon".
05/08/2024 Build 2.1.001 050824
    Interface Changes
  • Added new autotracking functionality for bottles and dungeon items. Dungeon item tracking can be disabled by selecting "Classic" under the autotracking option.
  • NOTE: These changes are very extensive and we apologize in advance if anybody comes across any issues. Please report them if you do!
  • Added new Bottle tracking for each individual bottle with contents
  • Added vertical map layouts
  • NOTE: This is not compatible with sphere tracking. We will work on adding this in the future. You will find that the caption bar may not be visible, as the window is 1330px tall, and will only be usable on 1440p and 4k monitors. This is a sacrifice that needs to be made in order to make it fit on the screen and keep the proper sizing. We also recognize that some of the lines on the vertical layout with entrance may be slightly off.
  • Increased upper dungeon item limits for Crossed Doors
  • Logic Fixes
  • Fixed logic issue in entrance with reaching EDM with access to DMWDM with Mirror and Hookshot
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